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Fiscal Compliance

May 20, 2019

The Title I, Part A grant program is designed to provide extra resources to high-poverty schools to help them serve their at-risk students.

To ensure that Title I, Part A funding is indeed extra—that is, to prevent a local educational agency (LEA) from using federal funds to replace state and local resources—the statute authorizing the program includes three “fiscal accountability requirements.” TEA publishes a separate guidance handbook for each of those requirements.

The TEA handbook and additional resources below discuss the fiscal accountability requirement known as comparability of services and explains the responsibility in meeting that requirement.

Important Note: An LEA that does not receive any Title I, Part A funds is not required to submit any information or documentation to TEA regarding the Title I, Part A Comparability of Services requirement. This handbook is only applicable to LEAs that receive Title I, Part A funds.

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