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Title I, Part A Director's Handbook

May 20, 2019

The handbook is designed with a Table of Contents, live links, contact information for TEA, the Statewide Initiatives, as well as Education Service Center contacts from each of the 20 ESCs across the state.

How to Use This Handbook

  • The first section of this handbook contains basic information that is intended to guide a Title I-A program director in the implementation of their program. Much of the content comes directly from TEA’s website, though not in its entirety. This handbook is only intended to be a starting place. Links to TEA’s website have been provided with the expectation that the reader will refer to TEA for specific guidance.
  • The last section of the handbook contains calendars, timelines and checklists. These include information that the writers of the toolkit had available upon publication. Please be aware that there may be additional requirements not captured in this handbook. Be diligent about reading notifications from TEA and your ESC regarding upcoming deadlines.
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